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We believe in learning by doing. Experiment, try and learn from it. That is why we provide classroom training in combination with on the job challenges. Challenges are short-term assignments that challenge you to put new learned behavior into practice and to retain it.

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GRIP – The secret to smart working

It is strange that we have never really learned to work. GRIP-training explains step by step how you work smarter for more peace and space in your head. The result? You get space for your small and big dreams. Jobtraining has developed the GRIP-training in collaboration with Rick Pastoor. Rick, formerly “inside boss” at Blendle, wrote the bestseller GRIP; The secret of smart working. In the training you learn to apply the smart GRIP method step by step to your work and life. The result? More peace and space for small and big dreams.


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One life. Own it.

Life isn’t a rehearsal. So take ownership and make it the best life you can lead. We are here to help you do just that. By developing the skills you need to make the positive changes you want. And by developing the mindset that enables you to take on challenges and setbacks. How do you cope with your workload? How do you convince others of your ideas? How do you become a great conversationalist? How do you seize the chances that are given to you? The programs of Jobtraining consist of classroom training in combination with on the job challenges. These are assignments that help you put what you’ve learned into practice. Where it matters, on your job. We believe in a combination of learning from an expert, learning from peers and learning by doing. Always with a focus on practical relevance and foremost, having fun. You have but one life, all you really have to do is decide how to spend it. Do what you want and do it now.