One life. Own it. 

Life is not a dress rehearsal. So take responsibility and make it the best life you can live. You do this by continuing to develop yourself, because only then can you seize opportunities in a rapidly changing world. We make learning fun. We offer soft skill training in combination with challenges, small assignments that immediately initiate behavioral change. Read more below about who we are, why we do what we do and how we do it.


One life. Own it. That is our vision. Life is not a dress rehearsal. So take responsibility and make it the best life you can live. This can be done, for example, by developing the skills to initiate positive changes, for yourself or others. And the mindset that can help you with adversity. We contribute to this in everything we do.


We challenge professionals to take ownership of their personal development. We do this by making learning fun and helping them apply new skills directly in their work and life. How we do that? Through (virtual) training in combination with on the job Challenges. Challenges are small weekly assignments to directly practice new skills. Experiment, try and learn from it. Just. By doing. Curious about the effect of a training? Our Challenges learning tool makes it possible to measure new behavior in practice!


We provide (virtual) training in soft & future skills. These training courses are used as a learning offer at corporate academies, as an open schedule learning offer and as an answer to a specific development question. We also provide tailor-made programs based on these themes to allow talents, professionals and leaders to grow and excel in their role and as people. Do you want to spar with us about your development question? Call us on 0204230603.


We are training agency Jobtraining and we help you to develop your soft & future skills so that you can grow and excel in your position and as a person. We are a registered training agency at the Central Register of Short Professional Education (CRKBO). We are a preferred supplier of ABN AMRO, KPN, PwC, Rabobank, Rituals, Ahold and NWO.  Read more about our sustainability policy here: One planet. Embrace it.

Meet the learning track

We believe in learning by doing. Experiment, try and learn from it. That is why we provide classroom training in combination with on the job challenges. Challenges are short-term assignments that challenge you to put new learned behavior into practice and to retain it.



Our trainers are our pride: enthusiastic experts who have years of experience. We work with trainers who have successfully completed a widely recognized trainer course and have a minimum of 5 years of practical experience. Their practical approach and enthusiastic way of training makes you want to put what you’ve learned, directly into practice.



About RobRob is an energetic trainer who gets large groups on board in a natural way. His enthusiasm is infectious. After more than 25 years of management experience in Retail/Wholesale, he knows the challenges for employers and employees at all levels in large organizations.


Trainer and actress

About AngeliqueDuring her HBO studies Business Presentation & Communication, Angelique followed drama and presentation lessons. She liked this so much that after getting her degree she immediately went to do an acting course in Amsterdam. In addition to her work as a trainer and training actress, Angelique still acts in theater performances, films and festival performances.


Trainer and actor

About BramBram graduated and worked as a drama teacher for many years. Maybe you know Bram as an actor? He has appeared in various commercials (among others Amstel, Couverts, Douwe Egberts, Volkswagen) and has appeared in the theater several times. In addition, he has been working as a trainer and training actor at Jobtraining for more than 10 years.



About BiancaBianca studied International Business Administration. Her many years of experience as a Human Resource Manager and trainer in the Retail industry form a good basis for her work as a trainer. Retail still appeals to her because of the dynamics and variety. Bianca has been working as a senior trainer for both the profit and the non-profit sector for 15 years now.



About MariëtteMariëtte has gained the necessary work and life experience (she lived with her family in Spain and Australia) in the hospitality industry, various commercial positions and self-employment. She has been a trainer and coach for more than 10 years now.



About JeskeDuring her study Communication Science, Jeske soon noticed that behavioral change intrigued her. Why is behavior so difficult to change? What psychological principles are behind this? And what is the influence of your environment on this? As a trainer, Jeske is involved in this on a daily basis. Jeske provides training in the field of personal and professional development and communication.



About IlitsoBesides being a trainer, Ilitso is above all a family man. After a number of positions as a team leader, he soon discovered that his passion lies in helping people develop further. His career as a trainer started at ING. Then, via a small detour, he made the switch to self-employment. His training courses are characterized by a high degree of interactivity, spontaneity and sufficient space to be yourself.



About ShirleyShirley is a passionate team trainer who works with a lot of energy in a decisive manner. Driven by curiosity, confrontational where necessary and focused on results. She trains professionals in the field of presentation, communication and collaboration.


Trainer and Senior training actor

About VincentAfter obtaining his MEAO diploma, he was sure he wanted to go to the Theater Academy. Since graduating, Vincent has been featured as an actor in theater and on TV. An entire generation grew up with the Spangas series, in which he played the role of vice principal. He doesn't just play teaching, it's really in his nature. As a trainer and senior training actor, he has helped many teams and individuals improve communication skills.



About EllenWith her background as a communication consultant and project manager in various organizations, Ellen knows the importance of clear communication. Understanding each other ensures better collaboration and job satisfaction. Happiness at work is what she likes to facilitate with her training: how can employees develop, grow and find happiness in their work? She has experienced for herself what it means to change course and choose her passion: providing training.



About JoëlJoël discovered during his work as an HR advisor that he thought Learning & Development was the best part of his profession. He therefore followed the post-HBO studies Training & Coaching and Educational Science. In addition, he also did various training courses and productions in the field of theater and cabaret. He has now gathered all the acquired skills as an independent trainer and training actor. Joël is an enthusiastic trainer who ensures action and development by bringing playfulness and humor to the training.


Training actor

About GuidoGuido graduated from the acting school in Utrecht and subsequently acted in various performances. He toured theaters, played at the Parade and sang and acted in the musical Soldaat van Oranje. He can also be seen in TV series such as Flikken Maastricht and he plays various street theater performances at home and abroad. Since 2012, Guido has also been working as a training actor.



About RachèlAs the daughter of a transport operator, Rachèl was raised with a no-nonsense mentality and the drive to always get the most out of yourself. After her studies in Business Administration, she first worked in the family business and then in various management positions. She has now been providing training in the field of leadership, communication, management and organizational development for more than 10 years. And she is a certified MDI behavior and motivations consultant.


Trainer and coach

About MilAfter a career in sales and marketing, I started in 1999 as a trainer and coach. In recent years I have mainly worked with the latest insights from positive psychology. I stimulate individuals and organizations to work from the ‘talents and strengths’ philosophy. I use the ever-increasing knowledge about the human brain and I use a development-oriented (progression-oriented) approach.



About RenateRenate Reijnders graduated from the Theater Academy in Arnhem. In 2000 her career got a kickstart when she won the Vara's Leids Cabaret Festival. For 10 years she ruled the Dutch theaters with her sharp humour, direct style and dynamic interaction with the audience. She now has 9 programs to her name. She can also be seen in various TV series and films (including Gooische Vrouwen and Gluckauf). In addition to being a comedian, Renate is a trainer and provides team workshops for businesses.



About GersomWith a background in sales, marketing and hospitality at various companies, Gersom has over 12 years of work experience as an actor. All this experience he gained in theatre, film, TV, training and being assessment actor in both Dutch and English. Gersom also regularly acts during a coaching session or takes the stage as a co-trainer.



About SvenAs a communication and team trainer, Sven provides training and workshops with a focus on the learning needs of the participants. He uses interactive methods combined with moments of reflection. This approach of ‘doing and reflecting’ leads to the best insights and skills. Sven's motto: training should also be fun, so we make a lot of mistakes and don't mind. In fact, we learn from it.



About MarthaMartha was educated at the Hogeschool van de Kunsten in Utrecht, as a speaker, trainer and theater teacher. She has been providing training, kick-offs and humor workshops for 20 years. She also speaks at symposia and conferences and shares her knowledge in TV and radio programs.



About MerelShe started her career as a trainer in development work. Working with people from different cultures, she learned a lot about diversity but also about universal similarities. Whether you are a Masai warrior or an Italian student: be seen and heard, shine and stand in your own power. And Merel is happy to support that process. Two years ago she started her own business as trainer and coach. Merel has a good sense for what makes someone unique and what his or her talents are. And she likes to give the other person a nudge in the right direction.



About RuudThe best thing about my job is the diversity of activities, target groups and organizations. I work as a trainer, coach and actor and that diversity in my background gives me a lot of freedom and flexibility in my approach. It still gives me great satisfaction to be supportive of people looking for their core qualities and guiding their personal development.


Trainer and training actress

About MarlineMarline is a coach and training actress with a lot of experience within all possible professional groups and levels, in Dutch and English. She has made her mark in the theatre, on television and in films. Not only as an actress, but also as a director.


Trainer and training actress

About IngridIngrid is a communication trainer and training actress. After being educated as a theater teacher, she discovered the profession of trainer and training actor. She has worked for a bank and in retail and taught English in Japan. Her English and experience with other cultures come in handy in international training courses.

Team at the office

The Jobtraining office team consists of Learning Consultants, Project Managers and our Managing directors. We also work with a Learning developer, Legal advisor, Marketeers, a HR advisor and an ICT specialist. A club of enthusiastic, committed professionals. Creative, sharp and result-oriented. People who love nothing more than to contribute to the development of others and who are always developing themselves.

Renske Roet



About Renske Roet
Renske is Managing partner and owner of Jobtraining. In this role she is responsible for the strategy of the company, the team, the operation, product development and new business. Because of her positivity and creativity she is the driver of innovation. She also likes focus and simplicity. She always looks at how you can make complex things simpler through process improvements and automation. Renske has been in the field of Learning & Development for 15 years. She completed two studies: Communication Sciences at the UVA and Visual Marketing at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.



About Brigitta
One life. Own it.
Life isn’t a rehearsal. So take ownership and make it the best life you can lead. For yourself and for others. That's my personal belief and as CEO of Jobtraining. We are here to help you do just that.
As a CEO I strategize the steps needed to move forward towards fulfilling our mission; accelerating positive change through personal growth. Together with my team, I create the work environment in which we are learning by doing; experiment, try and learn.

I am always looking for new developments in and outside of L&D and use them to innovate our training programs. I connect with partners and clients to make sure our mission is alligned with their goals and needs.


Strategic business partner learning & development

About Marjan
Marjan combines her (life) experiences abroad and those of trainer/consultant in previous positions in her work at Jobtraining. With a curious look at people, creative mind and an infectious passion for connecting, she is a real asset for everyone that gets to work with her.


Learning & Development business partner

About Jeroen
Jeroen is a very enthusiastic and energetic person, who is always looking for a new challenge. He likes being part of the personal and professional development of as many professionals as possible. In his position he helps companies finding the right L&D solution/training program that fits their need perfectly. He likes to talk and connect and provide the best and most personal service possible.



About Shakoentela
Shakoentela changed her life course by opting to switch to Learning & Development after years of working for one of the largest banks in the Netherlands. She likes to work very task-oriented, that’s where she gets her energy from. That's why she likes to manage the planning and organization of our open enrollment training courses.



Over Carlien
Carlien is a real people person. Besides this, personal development has always been an important interest for her. At Jobtraining, all of this comes together. What gives her energy is working closely with customers and colleagues towards the intended result: a successful training and a satisfied customer.


Learning & Development Consultant

Over Thysa
Thysa has an open mindset, is very eager to learn and takes on every challenge with a large portion of enthusiasm and positive energy. She uses her passion for personal development and her background in Learning & Development in her role as L&D Consultant at Jobtraining.


Team lead operations

Over Leonie
With 15 years of experience in the hospitality and event industry, Leonie ensures a well-functioning and service-oriented operation in which personal contact is #1 priority. At Jobtraining she focuses on process optimization, scalability and letting people work from their strengths. Leonie has a sharp mind, an eye for marketing and a good business instinct. Based on these qualities, she also supports our learning consultants.


Office & projectmanager

Over Kimberley
Kimberley has a cheerful, enthusiastic personality and likes to organize. From her teenage years she has been working in the hospitality industry, where providing service and making people happy has become her major motivation.
Kimberley has a great adaptability and is therefore able to respond alertly to the needs of the moment. Kimberley likes to see the positive in life and is a real 'glass half full' type.
In her spare time Kimberley doesn’t like sitting still, you can find her in the gym, in a good restaurant or she is dancing salsa.



Over Anne
Anne is a real “Mrs. Fixer” who can process information in a rapid pace. In addition, she is very eager to learn and likes to approach life in her own authentic way. She beliefs personal development is a key part of life and that's why working at Jobtraining is a great start of her career.