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Be to the point

By juli 15, 2020februari 9th, 2023No Comments

Start with your key message

Firstly, you want to maximize your time with your audience. Your counterparts are busy people.
Secondly, we (your listeners) want to focus on the big picture and don’t want to get too many details.
Finally, you are more persuasive, assertive and powerful when you are direct.

Use the power of 3
Your audience will naturally begin to group and summarize your arguments and ideas in order to remember them. So why not help them by giving them the most important ones? It forces you to focus and you will be the director of the content of their thoughts. You do this by keeping it simple, structured and clear. The power of 3: it is the way we will best remember your story.

Get them into action mode
We often respond and react to the last thing we heard.. Make sure you have a powerful conclusion at the end of your presentation. Repeat your key message, make a summary of your 3 arguments and present the action or next step needed.

Save time, be effective and make that impact!

The Pyramid Principle: How To Craft Coherent Explanations