GRIP – The secret to smart working

It is strange that we have never really learned to work. GRIP-training explains step by step how you work smarter for more peace and space in your head. The result? You get space for your small and big dreams. Jobtraining has developed the GRIP-training in collaboration with Rick Pastoor. Rick, formerly “inside boss” at Blendle, wrote the bestseller GRIP; The secret of smart working. In the training you learn to apply the smart GRIP method step by step to your work and life. The result? More peace and space for small and big dreams.

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GRIP contains many useful tips to get your work organized. Great, because with me it was actually time for that.

Ben TiggelaarNRC Handelsblad

I learned from the book GRIP that you can bring peace and direction to your work week. Instead of ticking everything off like a headless chicken, I now consciously choose where to put my time.

Astrid van der HulstCreative Director Flow Magazine

This is GRIP:

  • How you become (and remain) the boss of your mailbox

  • How to use your agenda for less stress and direction in your work

  • Why you should never keep anything in your head again

  • How a weekly appointment with yourself doubles your productivity

  • How to find a mentor and ask for advice smarter

  • How to solve complex problems

  • How to make an annual plan so that you achieve more of your goals

Photo: Merlijn Doomernik

What can you expect from this training?


We start with your agenda. Does everything you have to do not fit into your agenda? That hits exactly the core: your agenda is finite and that is great. That means that you will have to choose. In this section you are going to eliminate things right away. You organize your agenda in a smart way, which immediately gives you more overview and effectiveness. This gives you more control over the hours you can spend in your working week.


Your head is for new ideas, not the storage of tasks. And that’s why we’ll never keep anything in our heads from now on. You install and set up your digital task list. You map out your responsibilities and priorities. Anything that comes to mind that is not on your agenda for this week, you put in your to-do list. Whether it has to be done today, tomorrow or in a year.


Email is a great medium. It almost always works flawlessly. But it is also addictive and it never stops. You schedule fixed moments for external messages and learn how to handle e-mail quickly and effectively. You turn off notifications, unsubscribe from newsletters and learn how to write proactive emails.

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