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Strong relationships, clear communication and efficiënt collaboration is often determined by whether you have a good ‘match’ with the people you work with. Having similar communication and behavioural styles makes it easier to understand and relate to each other, which in term allows for a more efficient way of working together. Since everyone is different, you will naturally match better with some colleagues than others. However, insights in your own communication style and those of the people you work with, can help you to match your communication and behaviour to them. This way you’ll make sure to always match your colleagues and customers and prevent miscommunication.


The DISC-model below (by William Marston) can help you with this. The model distinguishes 4 different personality types that say something about our drives, needs and communication patterns. Knowing these types can help you recognize them in yourself and others in any situation:

The dominant DISC-type (red)

People who score high on the dominant DISC-type are often very determined, show initiative and like to take the lead. They are rational, have a direct approach and are focused or results. They are task-oriented and extrovert.

To make a match with a dominant person:

  • Show confidende and make direct eyecontact
  • Be brief and to the point
  • Focus on facts instead of emotions
  • Ask ‘what?’ instead of ‘how’
  • Focus on positive outcomes when a decision has to be made

The influential DISC-type (yellow)

People who score high on the influential DISC-type are often enthusiastic, focused on social connections and are verbally strong. They don’t like routine, are very optimistic and in touch with their feelings. They are people-oriented and extrovert.

To make a match with an influential person:

  • Show enthusiasm and humour
  • Give enough time for small talk
  • Be their sparring partner for new ideas and be positive (yes, ánd)
  • Let them talk and try not to interrupt
  • Stimulate their creativity

The steady DISC-type (green)

People who score high on the steady DISC-type are often very helpful, patient and friendly. They like to listen to others, thrive in harmonious environments and are loyal teamplayers. They like a certain routine and to know exactly what is expected of them. They are people-oriented and introvert.

To make a match with a steady person:

  • Speak calmly and make friendly eyecontact
  • Avoid conflict
  • Be clear about goals, roles and procedures
  • Involve them in the decision making proces (ask them for their opinion)
  • Show genuine interest and don’t be too assertive

The conscientious DISC-type (blue)

People who score high on the conscientious DISC-type are often highly analytical, thorough and goal-oriented. They are go-getters, thinkers, prefer to be in the background and focus on facts instead of emotions. They are task-oriented and introvert.

To make a match with a conscientious person:

  • Be prepared and base your arguments on facts
  • Be patient and give them anough time to think things over
  • Be clear about what you expect of them and what they can expect of you
  • Don’t get too personal too quickly; keep a more formal approach

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