Conscious Mind

Choose your thoughts and expand your consciousness

Investigate how your thoughts relate to your emotions and behavior. Learn to bend your irrational, obstructing thoughts in a positive way, make choices that are good for you and increase your empathy.

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Conscious Mind Training

Choose your thoughts and increase your awareness

Ineffective behavior often comes from ineffective thoughts. And because we tend to think the same in different situations, a difficult situation can be difficult time and time again. Fortunately we can change this ourselves! In this training you will gain insight into your thinking patterns. You investigate how your thoughts relate to your emotions and behavior. Then you learn to bend obstructive thoughts in a positive way.

This training is also about increasing your awareness. Aware of yourself, but also of others. By further developing your empathy you recognize feelings earlier and you respond to them. This way you make more confident contact. In addition, you are more satisfied with what you do and do not do, because this is always a conscious choice.

What can you do after this training?

  • You know what really rational thinking is and how you avoid irrational thoughts
  • You can apply the G-scheme to obstructing thoughts (event, thoughts, feeling, behavior, consequence)
  • You experience more peace and enjoyment in working with others, because you have increased your empathy
  • You make easier choices that are good for you

Your mind

You explore your thinking patterns, beliefs and assumptions. Do they help you or do you work against you? Are you inclined to think rationally or irrationally?

Your skills

You practice applying the G-scheme (event, thoughts, feelings, behavior, consequence). You turn obstructing thoughts into positive, reinforcing thoughts. By putting yourself in the position of others and challenging assumptions you increase your empathy

Your life

You practice this positive way of thinking by applying it to specific situations in your life. You test whether the choices you make are guided by the right line of thought. You are challenged to react differently in difficult situations than you always do.

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    Your learning track

    The classroom training is combined with challenges. We call this a learning track. Challenges are short-term assignments that you receive after the training and that help you practice new behavior in practice.
    6 weeks, 1 challenge every week.