Experience Blocks

Spending 24 hours alone in a forest, boxing with your colleagues or being coached while getting acquainted with a horse: sometimes extraordinary experiences are the best learning moments. Experience Blocks are special activities that give you a new perspective on yourself and your environment. Because you do not easily forget such a learning moment, it is extremely effective. The “blocks” are often combined with our learning tracks and deployed in in-company talent and leadership programs. See the experiences below.

The Boxing Club

Sport connects and boxing completely. Physical movement leads to mental movement. We can verbally explain or hide our patterns and reactions. Physically that is a lot more complicated. By looking and listening to your body, you learn a lot about your own behavior and the reasons for that behavior. You also gain insight into the behavior of others. In short: boxing is an effective and fun way to get to know yourself and each other better in a playful way.

Horse Coaching

There are two important effects of horse coaching: 1. For a moment you cannot think so well with a loose horse in the tank, so that rational thinking processes are bypassed. 2. Horses live in the moment. The contact with the horse brings you directly into the “now”. That provides quick relaxation. The horse reacts to your feelings and appearance. The horse coach translates the non-verbal horse language. You quickly feel a connection with yourself and what you find important. You make choices. The result is personal leadership.

Back To Nature

For centuries and in many cultures nature has been the place to unwind, gain inspiration and look at yourself from a different perspective. Within this experience block we cast ancient rituals in a modern twist to develop practical wisdom. We believe that sometimes you have to slow down before you can accelerate and where can this be better than in nature? This experience offers a great start or break in leadership, team and talent development.

Ice Man Experience

It sounds inhuman: spending two hours in a cabin filled with 700 kilograms of ice or running a half marathon barefoot through the snow. Wim Hof delivers inhumane performances using techniques that underlie breathing exercises. With good breathing you can hold your breath longer and you consciously make contact with your heart, autonomic nervous system and immune system. These breathing exercises can be performed by every person and that is why the Iceman always says “What I can, anyone can”. Learn these techniques and step into an ice bath the same day. We work together with Innerfire.

Just Do You

Mariëtte van Hoeve takes you along during this interactive inspiration evening. Traveling with an old bus. A personal journey. She puts her experience in a stimulating and sometimes confronting story with the aim: to make it a little easier for you. One thing is certain: after this evening you have three specific actions that you can immediately apply. So that you look with a sharp eye at the choices you make. What you would like to change. Or not.

1 Day Offline

Do you dare to go offline for 1 day? One day to be undisturbed, offline and unreachable? During this day you do not use a laptop, mobile phone or other media. You focus only 8 hours on what is happening in the here and now. From our partner “1 day offline” you will receive an offline package containing a mix of stimulating assignments. This provides reflection, tranquility, interesting insights and sometimes beautiful encounters. A gift to yourself.

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