In-company Training

Do you want to work on open communication in your team? Support managers in their skills to effectively manage teams? Activate new behavior? Or develop a specific competence in an effective way? Below you will find all topics that you can use for your team or organization. We are naturally happy to tailor our programs to your question and target group.


• How you become (and remain) in charge of your mailbox
• How you use your agenda for less stress and direction in your work
• How to double your productivity with a weekly appointment with yourself

This is how we meet

• Know how to make meetings effective and enjoyable
• Communicate purposefully and at the right level: content, process, relationship
• Use a smart meeting structure with a clear agenda and action list

Entrepreneurship at work

• Identify opportunities for growth and respond proactively to them
• Think of creative solutions for challenges in your work
• Work independently and shape your own work

Development Conversations

• Learn to listen actively, ask questions and summarize
• Finish conversations positively
• Let employees use their talent

Leadership Essentials

• Know your preferred leadership style
• Know when to delegate, instruct and motivate
• Optimize the working environment of your employees

Great Conversations

• Learn to listen well
• Brief summary
• Purposeful questioning

Persuasive Power

• Increase persuasiveness in conversations
• Use conversation techniques flexibly
• Turn resistance into understanding and positivity

Presenting with storytelling

• The 5 building blocks of a good story
• Share your personal vision
• Authentic, convincing and stimulating story

Body language

• Strengthen your non-verbal communication
• Present yourself more powerfully
• Increase your self-confidence

Team Personality

• More insight via DISC or Facet 5
• Increase your empathy
• Communicate more effectively

Coaching leadership

• Help colleagues grow
• Promote self-management and team spirit
• Coach on the spot

Talent at Work

• Clifton StrengthsFinder Test
• Working from your talent
• Increase your effectiveness

Innovative thinking

• Break through fixed patterns
• Learn to think disruptively
• Increase your creativity

Life Design

• Determine your purpose and impact
• Make large decisions faster
• Prototype your life

Mindful at work

• Prevent stress and burnout
• Control over your workload
• Learn to work effectively and mindfully

Feed forward

• Coaching in the workplace
• Improve the working atmosphere
• Boost the quality of work

From clients to friends

• Sevice from client core concerns
• Proactively build personal relationships
• Make customers loyal friends

Agile essentials

• Agile mentality and basic principles
• Scrum methodology and process agreements
• Work more transparently

Conscious Mind

• Know what really rational thinking is and how to avoid irrational thoughts
• You can apply G-scheme to obstructing thoughts
• You make easier choices that are good for you

Is your training not among them?