Coaching leadership

Become a leader of the future with vision and impact

Discover what your strengths are as a coach and how you can use them to encourage others to change. Knows to stimulate everyone’s personal drive and creates an open atmosphere in the team.

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Coaching Leadership

Become a leader of the future with vision and impact

The leader of the future is a growth accelerator; a coach in the workplace. People make the organization and the better they feel, the better the results. You see what your employees are good at and give them the space to further develop their talent.

In this learning track you learn different coaching techniques and skills. You learn to ask the right questions and to follow the structure of a good coaching conversation, without this feeling forced. You learn how to deal with difficult situations such as rising emotions or difficult decisions. You discover what your strength is as a coach and how you can use it to encourage others to change. You know how to stimulate everyone’s personal drive and you create an open atmosphere in the team.

What can you do after this Leadership Training?

  • You are familiar with the coaching leadership style and you have trained together with a professional actor to conduct a coacea interview
  • You know how to empower your employees You are aware of your authentic approach and strength as a coaching manager
  • You know how to detect pain points with the other person and translate them into action

What can you expect from this training?


You learn to activate the growth mindset and use it to manage your team.


You learn to master the coaching leadership. This is the people-oriented leadership style that ensures that your employees perform to their full potential and thus contribute maximally to the success of your team and organization. You practice conversations with the Grow model and “the 5 question leader” and you work with the “one-minute coach plan”.


You learn to present yourself as a role model. This way you dare to make yourself vulnerable, you give appreciation and constructive feedforward, you turn on your empathetic capacity and you use LSD in conversations.

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    Your learning track

    The classroom training is combined with challenges. We call this a learning track. Challenges are short-term assignments that you receive after the training and that help you practice new behavior in practice.
    6 weeks, 1 challenge every week.