For everybody 


Innovative thinking

• Break through fixed patterns
• Learn to think disruptively
• Increase your creativity

Mindful at work

• Prevent stress and burnout
• Control over your workload
• Learn to work effectively and mindfully

Coaching Skills

  • Learn practical coaching skills • Inspire and motivate as a manager
  • Contribute to the growth and job satisfaction of others
  • Learn to use these skills in online coaching conversations

Great Relations

  • Sevice from client core concerns
  • Proactively build personal relationships
  • Make customers loyal friends

Master of Conflict

  • You are able to deal well with tension and increasing emotion in a conflict situation
  • You have practiced with different conversation skills and are able to steer a difficult conversation towards a positive outcome

Body language

• Strengthen your non-verbal communication
• Present yourself more powerfully
• Increase your self-confidence

Entrepreneurship at work

• Identify opportunities for growth and respond proactively to them
• Think of creative solutions for challenges in your work
• Work independently and shape your own work

Career & Life Design

• Determine your purpose and impact
• Make large decisions faster
• Prototype your life

Presenting with storytelling

• The 5 building blocks of a good story
• Share your personal vision
• Authentic, convincing and stimulating story

GRIP training

  • How you become (and remain) in charge of your mailbox
  • How you use your agenda for less stress and direction in your work
  • How to double your productivity with a weekly appointment with yourself

Remote Working Skills

• Practice essential skills for remote working
• Develop a positive mindset
• Plan, prioritize and keep balance