Getting better


Mid career professionals

Presenting with storytelling

• The 5 building blocks of a good story
• Share your personal vision
• Authentic, convincing and stimulating story

Persuasive Power

• Increase persuasiveness in conversations
• Use conversation techniques flexibly
• Turn resistance into understanding and positivity


  • How you become (and remain) in charge of your mailbox
  • How you use your agenda for less stress and direction in your work
  • How to double your productivity with a weekly appointment with yourself

Career & Life Design

• Determine your purpose and impact
• Make large decisions faster
• Prototype your life

Remote Working Skills

• Practice essential skills for remote working
• Develop a positive mindset
• Plan, prioritize and keep balance

Challenging Conversations

  • You learn to recognize your own mindset in a challenging conversation situation and how you can anticipate this
  • You are able to recognize, name and deal with different emotions and forms of resistance.