Innovative Thinking

Creative and disruptive thinking for groundbreaking ideas

Make breaking a routine part of your daily work. Discover how you can shake yourself awake to come to fresh new insights.

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Innovative Think Training

Creative and disruptive thinking for groundbreaking ideas

In our work, more and more tasks are being automated or outsourced to robots. Creativity is therefore pre-eminently a skill with which people can make a difference. Unfortunately, we are often stuck in our work, thoughts or issues. Our brain tends to think in fixed patterns. But if you always think from fixed patterns, you will never come up with something new.

A flexible attitude is essential if the world around you changes. You get this by doing something new more often and by breaking expectations. Make breaking a routine part of your daily work. Discover how you can shake yourself awake to come to fresh new insights. Receive practical tips, be surprised and experience how nice a blow to your head can be.

What can you do after this Innovation training?

  • You can think loose: fantasize, associate and change perspective
  • You have increased your problem-solving capacity and flexibility
  • You know how you can use your creativity to innovate
  • You have challenged existing thinking or working methods in the disruption brainstorm

What can you expect from this training?


Every person has creativity, so the first step of creativity is to realize that you have this skill in you.


You investigate together how the creative process works


You learn which skills you can use to get the most out of yourself and your creativity.


Finally, you make a link with work practice: where will you use creativity and how will you stimulate the creativity of your team?

More information about this training?

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    Your learning track

    The classroom training is combined with challenges. We call this a learning track. Challenges are short-term assignments that you receive after the training and that help you practice new behavior in practice.
    6 weeks, 1 challenge every week.

    This is how others review this training

    Super fun and useful training! Has a direct impact on you and is therefore highly recommended. The challenges mean that you can immediately put what you have learned into practice. Just start doing this training!


    I thought it was an educational course. It was a beautiful location and all well cared for. Doing challenges is also very nice so that you can also apply what you have learned.


    With humor, fun and variety, Job Training gives a blow to your head !! An accessible workshop that offers practical starting points for everyone. Also inspiring methods to apply yourself in supervising groups. Great, such a blow!