Online Learning Track

Are you now working from home and are you missing a training because of this? Or do you have more time to follow a training? We offer our planned training courses online and virtually as much as possible. We are also introducing a new product: the online learning track. As far as we are concerned, working from home is now also learning at home.

From working from home to personal growth

Working from home requires a different division of our time and activities. More time is created between activities and meetings because we work more efficiently. At the same time, we have a greater need for variety in the working day, because we miss the stimuli of working together in the office. We are happy to help you make good use of your time and attention by investing it in personal growth. That is why we are introducing the online learning track. This allows you to develop, but simply online and from home. The program looks like this: The program looks like this:

  • Live online training session 1 (3 hours)
  • Online coaching (30 minutes)
  • Challenges: getting started with small assignments that you can do at home (6 weeks)
  • Live online training session 2 (3 hours)

Your online learning track

The online training courses are combined with online coaching and challenges. We call this an online learning track. Challenges are short assignments that you receive after the online training and that you can do at home. A nice change from sitting behind the computer screen and a great way to work on personal growth at home.

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Online workshops

No travel time, less distraction from colleagues and canceled meetings ensure that you have more effective working time, especially now that you have less work to do. We are happy to help you invest this time in your personal growth. That is why we are introducing the online workshops. This allows you to develop, but just online from home and you do not spend much time and money on it. During an online workshop (1.5 hours):

  • You learn all the ins & outs of a subject from an expert
  • You do a number of interactive assignments with your online class

View our range of online workshops below.

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