Our approach: the learning track

We believe in learning by doing. Experiment, try and learn from it. That is why we provide classroom training in combination with on the job challenges. Challenges are short-term assignments that challenge you to put new learned behavior into practice and to retain it. 6 weeks, 1 challenge every week.

Training day 1: learning from an expert

Duration: 1 day


The first training day you will learn a lot, experience and gain new insights. You meet the trainer and the other participants. We always start with a warm welcome, in which you introduce yourself and get to know the other participants. You have answered a number of intake questions before the training, so the trainer knows your learning needs. You also share this with the group during check-in. The starting points of training day 1 are just like the entire program: learning from the expert, learning from each other and above all: learning by doing. The trainer always links the subject to your learning goals and work practice. Together with your fellow participants, you exchange experiences and learn from each other. Do not expect sit back & relax, you are active all day long in the learning, learning and doing stand. With enough space and tranquility to let what you learn land for a while. And also a lot of fun!


  • Positive thinking: assume your strengths. Dare to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Increase your awareness: be aware of your work, time and colleagues.
  • Learn in small steps every day: set small goals, try and experiment.
  • The adventure zone steps: Step out of your comfort zone and seek new experiences.

Challenges: learning by doing

Duration: 1 challenge per week for 6 weeks


Challenges are small assignments that you receive by email. After the first training day you are inspired and you know exactly what you will do differently tomorrow. But putting what you have learned into practice is sometimes difficult. We help you with challenges that challenge you to experiment with new behavior in your work practice. Because you practice the new skills, you really master them. You will receive a learning bite with every challenge. This is a video or article that matches what you practice.


  • Practice what you learned from the training: the assignments are in line with what you learned on day 1
  • Learning to make it part of your work: you learn in small steps so that you can integrate it into your daily work
  • To learn from and with colleagues: for example, by actively asking for feedback or watching
  • Challenge yourself: every week you see the challenge champions; the participants who were the first to complete the challenge
  • Show new behavior: you don’t have to wait for situations to arise, you can start experimenting with challenges

Training day 2: learn from each other

Duration: 1/2 day


On the second training day you learn further, in a higher gear and with more in-depth knowledge because you have put into practice 6 weeks of new behavior with challenges. You have experienced moments of success, but also difficult situations. You discuss this with the trainer and fellow participants. You look at where you stand now, consider how you want to develop further and how you will make this part of your work practice. The trainer helps you with this. He aligns the content of the training with the experiences of the participants in practice. This day is about what you need to be able to show new behavior with confidence and to continue to develop.


  • Get more out of yourself: you only have 1 life, step outside with a plan that helps you achieve what you want
  • To learn from success and challenges: you reflect on situations and learn from them
  • To learn from others: your network is a source of inspiration and insights that you only have to tap into
  • Hold on to what you have learned: you only have to follow a learning track once in your life

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