Virtual learning track

You can develop fully online with us, just from home. This can be done via our virtual learning track. This track consists of virtual training courses alternated with challenges and online coaching. The Job Training approach stands for interaction and learning by doing with a lot of attention for you as a person. We also maintain this in our virtual programs. Here you will find all our virtual learning tracks. Below you can read what you can expect in a virtual learning track.

Training 1: virtual class & offline assignments

Duration: 6 hours


In the virtual training we use many interactive methods, in which you practice skills, share knowledge and experiences and give and receive feedback. We use the online meeting tool Microsoft Teams for this. We alternate the trainer’s plenary learning with reflection moments in smaller break-out sessions and assignments that you can do without a laptop, so that the pace and energy remain good.

Personal: the training has a personal character so that you can introduce situations from your own (work) life as an example to the group. In this way, the training is tailored to your specific questions and wishes. In addition, you complete an intake about your needs in advance, so that the trainer can prepare for this.

Plenary: in this part the trainer speaks, he shares his screen with presentation and takes participants along in his expertise on the subject. Participants work with the material by means of interactive methods. They can raise their hands to ask questions or respond via chat.

  • Get a room: participants split up in smaller break-out sessions into their own online “room” to reflect, discuss or resolve issues. The trainer walks around digitally between the different rooms and answers questions. By sharing video and screens you have personal and efficient contact.
    Conversation class: In this section, participants split into smaller groups to practice skills with a training actor or role-play with each other. Here too, the trainer digitally connects with the various groups to answer questions or provide feedback.
  • Close your laptop, switch on: in the afternoon you get to work on offline assignments, in other words: assignments you can do without a PC. Sometimes individually, sometimes in pairs (by telephone). This has a positive effect on the energy level. In addition, there are several short breaks throughout the workout. This way you can let the material sink in, you can reflect and you stay energetic.

Challenges: learning by doing

Duration: 1 challenge per week for 6 weeks


Challenges are short assignments that you receive after the virtual training and that you can do at home. After the first training day you are inspired and you know exactly what you will do differently tomorrow. But putting what you’ve learned into practice is sometimes difficult. We help you with this with challenges that challenge you to experiment with new behavior. By practicing the new skills, you really master them. You will receive a learning bite with every challenge. This is a video or article that matches what you are practicing.


  • Practicing what you learned from the training: the assignments are in line with what you learned on day 1
  • Making learning part of work: you learn in small steps so that you can integrate it into your daily work
  • To learn from and with colleagues: for example, by actively asking for feedback or watching
  • Challenge yourself: every week you see the “challenge champions”; the participants who have completed the challenge first
  • Show new behavior: you don’t have to wait for situations to arise, you can start experimenting with challenges right away

Online coaching: 1-on-1 learning

Duration: 30 minutes


As you apply new skills in practice, you may run into issues. That is why you have the option to schedule an online coaching session with your coach / trainer. You will be helped further in a (video) call of 30 minutes.

Training 2: virtual classroom

Duration: 3 hours


In the virtual training day 2 you will learn further in a higher gear and with more in-depth because you have put new behavior into practice with challenges for 5 weeks. You have experienced moments of success, but also difficult situations. You discuss this with the trainer and the other participants. You look where you are now, think about how you want to develop further and how you will make this part of your work practice. The trainer will help you with this. He matches the content of the training with the experiences of the participants in practice. This training is all about what you need to show new behavior with confidence and to keep developing it.


  • Get more out of yourself: you only have 1 life, step out with a plan that helps you achieve what you want
  • Learn from success and challenges: you reflect on situations and learn from them
  • Learn from others: your network is a source of inspiration and insights that you only need to tap into
  • To hold on to what you have learned: you only have to follow a learning track once in your life

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