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How great would it be if you would have a Personal Board: a group of people who advise you in the different phases of your career and life. People who listen or give advice when you have to make decisions or encounter challenges. People you can ask for their opinion, a refreshing perspective, feedback or encouragement. If you think about it, you often already have such a group of people gathered around you. Check the different roles below and think about who in your environment represents which role. In other words: who’s in your Personal Board? A Personal Board may have an important contribution to your success and mental well-being.

ps: the members of your Personal Board don’t need to know that they are in your Personal Board and you don’t have to engage all of them if you need advice 🙂

Who inspires you with fresh ideas? Who motivates you to make a difference? Who validates your work?

Who encourages you? Who listens while you vent? Who gets you back on track when needed? Who can you be yourself with?

Career Coach
Who challenges you to become a better you? Who helps you work out what you’d like to do and how you’d like to get there?

Who at senior level supports you? Who’s influential? Who offers guidance or advice? Who’s suggestions for resources help you develop?

Who can introduce you to others in your profession or industry? Who broadens your network?

Wellness coach
Who encourages your health and well-being? Who makes sure you are taking care of yourself?

Think for yourself who’s in your Personal Board. Specifically consult someone from your Personal Board can help you to achieve results.

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