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Discover what your strength is as a coach and how you can use it to encourage others to make a positive change.

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Coaching Skills Training

Learn to coach and help others grow

You want to help people grow. You want to develop coaching skills to help others change or increase their effectiveness. You want to encourage people to give a positive twist to their work or life. In this training you learn different coaching techniques and skills. That starts with making real contact with the other in order to get to the core of a question. You learn to ask the right questions and to follow the structure of a good coaching conversation, without this feeling forced. You learn how to deal with difficult situations such as rising emotions or difficult decisions. You discover what your strength is as a coach and how you can use it to encourage others to make a positive change.

What can you do after this Coaching Skills training?

  • You can apply coaching techniques and skills effectively
  • You are aware of your authentic approach and strength as a coach
  • You know how to detect pain points with the other person and translate them into action
  • You ask questions that help the other person to find answers
  • You empathize, challenge, inspire and motivate change

What can you expect from this training?

This Coaching Skills training has a personal character so that you can introduce situations from your own life to the group as an example. In this way the training is focused on your specific questions and wishes. In addition, you fill in a number of intake questions about your needs in advance, so that the trainer can prepare for this.

During this Coaching Skills training you do many active exercises with various assignments, both individually, 1 on 1 and in a group. We believe that Pleasure Works and that is why the methods are not only effective but also surprising, interactive and always with a positive approach.

Who are you?

You reflect on yourself, your wishes and your challenges. Why do you want to become a coach? What is your strength? What do you find difficult in communication and what are your own points of attention in conversations?


You learn coaching techniques that you can apply in different situations. You get concrete tools and tips to get someone moving or to help them understand.


You practice practical cases together with a professional training actor. You bring in individual issues and you learn from each other. During the challenges learning period you conduct real coaching conversations with coachees. To learn by practise; practice makes perfect.

Meet your trainer


<p>Your trainer</p>

<p><b>Over Shirley</b><br />Shirley is een bevlogen teamtrainer die met veel energie op doortastende wijze werkt. Gedreven door nieuwsgierigheid, confronterend waar nodig en gericht op resultaat. Zij traint professionals op het gebied van presenteren, communiceren en samenwerken. Zowel medewerkers, als leidinggevenden en directieteams. Naast communicatieve vaardigheden traint zij ook het out of the box denken. Shriley is gecertificeerd DISC en MBTI trainer.</p>
<p><b>Wat vind jij het leukste aan je werk?</b><br />Ik haal mijn plezier uit de interactie met mensen. Mijn intuïtieve manier van trainen zorgt ervoor dat de trainingen praktisch en concreet zijn. Er zijn 3 ingrediënten die ik in elke training nastreef: een veilige sfeer, persoonlijke feedback, humor. Deze ingrediënten zorgen ervoor dat deelnemers niet alleen leren, maar hier ook plezier in krijgen.</p>
<p><b>Wat is jouw grootste talent als trainer?</b><br />Als trainer ben ik coachend, confronterend, creatief en enthousiast. Door een goede balans tussen inspanning en ontspanning creëer ik vertrouwen en een sfeer waarin mensen het effect van hun gedrag willen onderzoeken. Improvisatie is hierbij een belangrijke kwaliteit, waardoor iedere training anders is en inspirerend.</p>
<p><b>Wat zou de titel kunnen zijn van jouw autobiografie?</b><br />Denken in mogelijkheden, is vrij zijn in je hoofd</p>
<p><b>Kun je ons nog iets verrassends vertellen over jezelf?</b><br />Bijna een guilty pleasure, maar ik ken alle songteksten van ABBA uit mijn hoofd!</p>

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    Your learning track

    We believe in learning by doing. Experiment, try and learn from it. That is why we provide this training in combination with on the job challenges. Challenges are short assignments that challenge you to practice and maintain newly learned behavior. This learning track consists of a live training on location, challenges and training in a virtual classroom.


    This is how others review this training

    Valuable tips that can be applied immediately in practice. You get yourself to think and start immediately to practice. Lots of room for your own input and questions from practice.


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    Training 16 september en 29 oktober 2021 in Amsterdam, Training 7 oktober en 11 november 2021 in Amsterdam, Training 15 oktober en 19 november 2021 in Utrecht