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Make breaking a routine part of your daily work. Discover how you can shake yourself awake to come to fresh new insights.

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Innovative Thinking Virtual training

Background: Innovative thinking online training

In our work, more and more tasks are automated or outsourced to robots. Creativity is therefore pre-eminently a skill with which people can make a difference. Unfortunately, we are often stuck in our work, thoughts or issues. Our brain tends to think in fixed patterns. But if you always think from fixed patterns, you will never come up with anything new.

A flexible attitude is indispensable when the world around you changes so quickly. You get this by doing something new more often and breaking through expectations. Discover how you can wake up to fresh new insights. Receive practical tips, be surprised and experience how much fun a blow to the head can be.


  • You can think loose: fantasize, associate and change perspective
  • You have increased your problem-solving skills and flexibility
  • You know how to use your creativity to innovate
  • You have challenged existing thinking or working methods in the virtual disruption brainstorm

Your virtual learning track

You can develop fully online with us, just from home. This track consists of virtual training courses alternated with challenges and online coaching. The Job Training approach stands for interaction and learning by doing with a lot of attention for you as a person. We also maintain this in our virtual programs.

What can you expect from this training?


Every person has creativity, the first step of creativity is therefore the realization that you have this skill in you.


Find out how the creative process works.


Learn to use creative thinking techniques quickly and easily to tap into your creativity and that of others.


Make the link with your (home) work practice: where will you find and use creativity and how can you use the creativity of others?

Meet your trainer


Your trainer

<p><b>Over Bram</b><br />
Bram studeerde af als dramadocent en stond daarna voor de klas. Misschien ken je Bram als acteur? Hij was te zien in diverse commercials (o.a. Amstel, Couverts, Douwe Egberts, Volkswagen) en stond diverse malen in het theater. Daarnaast is hij alweer meer dan 10 jaar werkzaam als trainer en trainingsacteur bij Jobtraining.</p>
<p><b>Wat vind jij het leukst aan je werk?</b><br />
Ik geniet enorm van de ontmoetingen met zo veel verschillende individuen en groepen. Er zijn natuurlijk veel overeenkomsten, maar toch is iedere ontmoeting weer uniek en een nieuwe uitdaging. En dat het dan lukt om de mensen naar huis te laten gaan met het idee; dat ga ik doen!</p>
<p><b>Wat is jouw grootste talent als trainer?</b><br />
Mijn energieke, humorvolle aanpak.</p>
<p><b>Wat zou de titel kunnen zijn van jouw autobiografie?</b><br />
Zing, vecht, huil, bid, lach, werk en bewonder</p>
<p><b>Kun je ons iets verrassends vertellen over jezelf?</b><br />
Ik hou van de zee en van autorijden; beide geven me een enorm gevoel van vrijheid!</p>

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