Innovative thinking



Make breaking a routine part of your daily work. Discover how you can shake yourself awake to come to fresh new insights.

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Innovative thinking Training

Creative and disruptive thinking for groundbreaking ideas

In our work, more and more tasks are being automated or outsourced to robots. Creativity is therefore pre-eminently a skill with which people can make a difference. Unfortunately, we are often stuck in our work, thoughts or issues. Our brain tends to think in fixed patterns. But if you always think from fixed patterns, you will never come up with something new.

A flexible attitude is essential if the world around you changes. You get this by doing something new more often and by breaking expectations. Make breaking a routine part of your daily work. Discover how you can shake yourself awake to come to fresh new insights. Receive practical tips, be surprised and experience how nice a blow to your head can be.

What can you do after this Innovation training?

  • You can think loose: fantasize, associate and change perspective
  • You have increased your problem-solving capacity and flexibility
  • You know how you can use your creativity to innovate
  • You have challenged existing thinking or working methods in the disruption brainstorm

What can you expect from this training?

This training has a personal character so that you can introduce situations from your own life to the group as an example. In this way the training is focused on your specific questions and wishes. In addition, you fill in a number of intake questions about your needs in advance, so that the trainer can prepare for this.

During the training you do many active exercises with various assignments, both individually, 1 on 1 and in a group. We believe that Pleasure Works and that is why the methods are not only effective but also surprising, interactive and always with a positive approach


Every person has creativity, so the first step in creativity is to realize that you have this skill in you.


You investigate together how the creative process works.


You learn which skills you can use to get the most out of yourself and your creativity.


finally you make a link with work practice: where are you going to use creativity and how are you going to stimulate the creativity of your team?

Meet your trainer


Your trainer

<strong>About Bram</strong>
Bram graduated as a drama teacher and then stood in front of the class. Maybe you know Bram as an actor? He has appeared in various commercials (including Amstel, Couverts, Douwe Egberts, Volkswagen) and has appeared in the theater several times. He has also been working as a trainer and training actor for Job Training for more than 10 years.

<strong>What do you like most about your work?</strong>
I greatly enjoy the meetings with so many different individuals and groups. There are of course many similarities, but every meeting is unique and a new challenge. And that it succeeds in getting the people home with the idea; I'm going to do that!

<strong>What is your greatest talent as a trainer?</strong>
My energetic, humorous approach.

<strong>What could be the title of your autobiography?</strong>
Sing, fight, cry, pray, laugh, work and admire

<strong>Can you tell us something surprising about yourself?</strong>
I love the sea and driving; both give me a huge feeling of freedom!

More information about this training?

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Your learning track

The classroom training is combined with challenges. We call this a learning track. Challenges are short-term assignments that you receive after the training and that help you practice new behavior in practice.
6 weeks, 1 challenge every week.