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Make a life design that gives direction to your daily work and helps you make important decisions. Discover your route and flourish in your work!

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Life Design Training

Get to know yourself for more satisfaction in your work and life

You have a whole life ahead of you, completely free to fill in the way you want. But time flies. And before you know it, you live from day to day, without really knowing where to go. A shame, because we live longer than previous generations and can easily have multiple careers. So it’s time for the next question: what is your mission in your work and life?

In Life Design you determine your personal mission step by step. You create a life design that gives direction to your daily work and helps you make important decisions. Discover your route and flourish in your work!

What can you do after this Life Design training?

  • You know your personal mission as the common thread in your life and are therefore more involved in what you do
  • You have gained insight into your potential (values, passions and talents)
  • You experience more satisfaction in your work and life
  • You make large decisions easier and with more confidence

What can you expect from this training?

This training has a personal character so that you can introduce situations from your own life to the group as an example. In this way the training is focused on your specific questions and wishes. In addition, you fill in a number of intake questions about your needs in advance, so that the trainer can prepare for this.

During the training you do many active exercises with various assignments, both individually, 1 on 1 and in a group. We believe that Pleasure Works and that is why the methods are not only effective but also surprising, interactive and always with a positive approach.


You will apply the insights from “design thinking” step by step to your life. You start by collecting “raw data” about your life from in-depth questions and assignments. In this way you dive into your passions, values, talents from different stages of life, view your highlights and achievements and discover how you make an impact on others.


You will connect the collected “raw data” into a visual framework from which your personal mission will emerge. This is your compass that guides major decisions. You look at how you use this in your organization and you formulate your chances for the near future.


You apply design thinking even further to a concrete step-by-step plan with actions to achieve your goals. You design your next step based on experimental prototypes; just do it, already small.

Meet your trainer


Your trainer

<strong>About Laura</strong>
Laura is a senior trainer and coach. After her propaedeutic year in Communication Science and Psychology, she took the Masters in Training &amp; Development at the University of Amsterdam. Laura alternated studying with dancing and traveling. After her studies she worked on cultural projects as an executive dancer and choreographer. During her first job as a recruiter, business started to itch and Laura started as a freelance trainer in business and higher education.

Laura has developed and delivered many training courses in recent years in the field of conversation, dealing with emotions and conflict, motivational interviewing, leadership and presentation. In her work with nurses, dancers, doctors in training, entrepreneurs, lawyers, construction workers and technicians in training, her talent for working with diversity and group dynamics comes to the fore.

In addition to being a trainer, Laura is a Co-Active coach and ORSC team-coach, Co-Active coaching of CTI and These courses have their basis in positive psychology and neuroscience and are known worldwide as the Harvard among coach courses.

<strong>What do you like best about your work?</strong>
The best thing about my work is the energy that comes from the game and the connection with the group. You have to be creative to get people involved and at the same time create a safe atmosphere. The great thing about training is that you are all in a process, so that effects are immediately noticeable: blow to your face when it doesn't work, unprecedented heights when it flows! Very present, active, and also exciting, that's my job, love it!

<strong>What could be the title of your autobiography?</strong>
Let’s Dance

My greatest strength is that I immediately create safety and energy. Fortunately, because I love it a lot ☺ I am also enthusiastic, energetic and keen. My creativity ensures that I often do new things and can be flexible with what is there. I also have feelings for when people feel less, have conflict or experience negative emotions and I am not afraid to deal with it. Oops I could only name 1. Work point.

<strong>Can you tell something surprising about yourself?</strong>
YES! I dance! Not really a surprise after my autobiography title. Dancing gives me so much. Nothing better than a game of physical action after a day of processes, talking and training. Creating dance and then performing it with others is magical. By the way, I see quite a few similarities in my work as a dance teacher. It's all about getting people moving, looking in the mirror, and growth.

More information about this training?

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Your learning track

The classroom training is combined with challenges. We call this a learning track. Challenges are short-term assignments that you receive after the training and that help you practice new behavior in practice.
6 weeks, 1 challenge every week.

This is how others review this training

For the first time a training in which I really took action to make changes to my daily work. You also get super nice personal attention. Highly recommended!