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Learn how you can include your conversation partner in your vision – in a respectful way that suits you – and learn to bend your resistance to understanding and positivity. In this way, talking to customers or colleagues becomes even more fun and effective.

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Persuasiveness Training

Increase your influence and persuasiveness

Do you find it difficult to convince others when you have a good idea, nice solution or clear opinion? In Persuasive Power you learn how you can include your conversation partner in your vision – in a way that suits you – and you learn to bend resistance to understanding and positivity. Gain insight into your communication style and discover the needs of your conversation partner to achieve a joint result faster. In this way, talking to customers or colleagues becomes even more fun and effective.

What can you do after this Influence Training?

  • You have insight into your communication style and how you can connect it to your conversation partner
  • You practiced together with an actor to take control and to steer a conversation positively
  • You know how to communicate difficult messages in a pleasant and professional way
  • You feel stronger and have more confidence in conversations

What can you expect from this training?

In the morning you learn the theory behind Persuasive Power. In the afternoon you practice this toolkit of conversation techniques together with a professional training actor by applying it to specific situations in your work practice. Practice makes perfect, learning by doing.

Action reaction

from the Roos van Leary you practice with the four basic styles of behavior. You learn that certain behavior evokes different behavior, and what behavior this is, so that you can anticipate this early in conversations.


Your common ground is the playing field where the possibilities are located. The theory of S. Covey helps you with this; first understand before you are understood. You learn to “bridge” (bridge) so that you reach your interfaces faster and act in a common interest.


You gain insight into your influencing style push or pull and you practice steering and persuasion. “Chunken” helps you to strengthen the power of pull.

Meet your trainer


<p>Your trainer</p>

<p><b>Over Marline</b><br />Marline is coach en trainingsactrice met veel ervaring binnen alle mogelijke beroepsgroepen en niveau’s, in het Nederlands en in het Engels. Ze heeft haar sporen verdiend in het theater, op televisie en in films. Niet alleen als actrice, maar ook als director.</p>
<p><b>Wat vind jij het leukste aan je werk?</b><br />Ik vind het fijn om mensen te helpen zich lekkerder en krachtiger te voelen in hun leven, dus ook in hun werk.</p>
<p><b>Wat is jouw grootste talent als trainer?</b><br />Het lukt me vaak om aan te voelen wat een deelnemer nodig heeft, en vooral… wat niet!</p>
<p><b>Wat zou de titel kunnen zijn van jouw autobiografie?</b><br />Organized chaos</p>
<p><b>Kun je ons nog iets verrassends vertellen over jezelf?</b><br />Ik speel graag ukelele!</p>

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    Your learning track

    We believe in learning by doing. Experiment, try and learn from it. That is why we provide this training in combination with on the job challenges. Challenges are short assignments that challenge you to practice and maintain newly learned behavior. This learning track consists of a live training on location, challenges and training in a virtual classroom.


    This is how others review this training

    Very useful training that helps you to get others involved and to deal with resistance. I have often heard the topics in this training, but this training provided good practical tips, making it very valuable.


    The training was very useful. It gave me some good tools to make conversations run better. The session with the actor was also a great opportunity to put what was learned into practice.


    Experience a very valuable training with the open registration of Job training. With the help of the trainer I started working to get more direction during conversations at work. Very useful! It has now become much clearer to me which tools I can use.


    Additional information


    Training 23 september en 28 oktober 2021in Utrecht, Training 8 november en 6 december 2021 in Utrecht