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Learn to focus with attention on the right things to ultimately save more time and deliver better work.

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Mindfulness Training

Mindful work through time management and focus

Being busy is addictive, but is not productive and even unhealthy. An overload of information, tighter deadlines and less rest time ensure that we lose sight of ourselves. Our work goes faster, but our brains don’t develop as quickly. This is at the expense of our work and our health. Important qualities for employees are therefore focus and attention. How can you focus on the right things in order to ultimately save more time and deliver better work? In the Rust in your head training you learn to balance your energy in order to increase your personal effectiveness, work quality and work pleasure.

What can you do after this training?

  • You experience more focus and rest in your work, which reduces stress and reduces the risk of a burnout
  • You know how to balance your activities that give you energy
  • You know how to stop worrying and postponing
  • You better set limits and stand up for yourself
  • You are less driven by external factors

What can you expect from this training?

This training has a personal character so that you can introduce situations from your own life to the group as an example. In this way the training is focused on your specific questions and wishes. In addition, you fill in a number of intake questions about your needs in advance, so that the trainer can prepare for this.

During the training you do many active exercises with various assignments, both individually, 1 on 1 and in a group. We believe that Pleasure Works and that is why the methods are not only effective but also surprising, interactive and always with a positive approach.


You are the first to look at your ways of thinking (beliefs and assumptions) and how they help or counteract how you experience your workload. You make a personal energy work plan that you fill in step by step during the training to bring more balance to your day.


You get to work physically and discover the great influence of physical energy on your brain. You do mindfulness exercises and you immediately feel more relaxed.


You learn to organize your environment in such a way that it gives energy instead of eats. You learn to take more ownership of your activities and to set priorities during your working day.

Meet your trainer


Your trainer

<p><b>Over Ruud</b><br />
Het leukste aan mijn werk is de diversiteit aan werkzaamheden, doelgroepen en organisaties. Ik werk als trainer, coach en acteur en die diversiteit in mijn achtergrond geeft mij heel veel vrijheid en flexibiliteit in aanpak en stijlen. Het geeft mij nog steeds veel voldoening om ondersteunend te zijn naar mensen op zoek naar hun kern en en het begeleiden van persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Je bent in mijn optiek namelijk nooit uitgeleerd en het is wel de bedoeling dat je zo veel mogelijk kracht en plezier haalt uit wat je doet.</p>
<p><b>Wat is jouw grootste talent?</b><br />
Mijn talent zit vooral in creativiteit, humor, inlevings- en improvisatievermogen. Ik hou van actie en directheid en ben resultaatgericht. A plan without a goal is just a wish!</p>
<p><b>Wat zou de titel kunnen zijn van jouw autobiografie?</b><br />
De titel van mijn autobiografie zou zijn: “It’s just a crazy dream until you do it !”.</p>
<p><b>Kan je nog iets verrassends vertellen over jezelf?</b><br />
Hoewel ik de 60 gepasseerd ben hou ik nog steeds van dansen en ga nog regelmatig naar festivals. Ik ben een enorme cultuurliefhebber: dans, theater muziek, I love it. Ik heb veel gereisd om mijn blik te verruimen. Om fit te blijven doe ik aan kickboksen en geef boksworkshops voor teams of bedrijven in combinatie met communicatie training en mindfulnes.</p>

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    Your learning track

    We believe in learning by doing. Experiment, try and learn from it. That is why we provide this training in combination with on the job challenges. Challenges are short assignments that challenge you to practice and maintain newly learned behavior. This learning track consists of a live training on location, challenges and training in a virtual classroom.


    This is how others review this training

    Great training goes far beyond time management. The trainer explains everything very well. This training will help me well in my current work. The contact with the course provider is also excellent.


    Practical tips were given that can be quickly applied in the workplace. Some parts were welcome refresher parts for myself. Instructor also gave a lot of room to share his own experiences & there was enough room to ask questions or ask for tips.


    A great training day at a beautiful location that exudes tranquility. Enthusiastic trainer with a feel for the atmosphere and problems. All in all a successful day for me and I received useful tips.


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    Training 7 september en 12 oktober 2021 in Amsterdam, Training 14 oktober en 25 november 2021 in Utrecht, Training 11 november en 16 december in Amsterdam, Training 26 november en 12 januari 2022 in Eindhoven, Training 9 december en 20 januari 2022 in Amsterdam, Training 9 december en 27 januari 2022 in Utrecht