Talent at work



Discover your strengths with the StrengthsFinder test. And then investigate how you can further develop it and use it more in your daily work.

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Talent at work Training

Discover and enhance your unique talents

Companies are looking for special talent. The more unique the better. But do you know what you really excel at? And do you get the chance to show this in your work? Talent sometimes remains undiscovered and that is a shame. Because if you work from your talent, you are more effective, more successful and happier. You achieve more and it costs less energy.

In this training you discover where your talent lies and what this means for your work. Talent is the sum of strengths, things that you do naturally and that make you happy. You discover your strengths with the StrengthsFinder test. You then investigate how you can develop it further and use it more in your daily work.

What can you do after this Talent Discovery Training?

  • You know your 5 talents and know how you can use these in your work and private life
  • You know which things you do fit in with your talents and which do not
  • You have set goals based on your talents
  • You know how to profile and present yourself even better based on your talent
  • You experience more self-confidence and you can profile yourself better
  • You know how you can use your talents (even better) in your work
  • Your performance level improves and you experience more satisfaction and job satisfaction

What can you expect from this training?

Prior to Talent at Work you take the famous Buckingham & Clifton StrengthsFinder test and discover your 5 most characteristic talents.

This training has a personal character so that you can introduce situations from your own life to the group as an example. In this way the training is focused on your specific questions and wishes. In addition, you fill in a number of intake questions about your needs in advance, so that the trainer can prepare for this.

During the training you do many active exercises with various assignments, both individually, 1 on 1 and in a group. We believe that Pleasure Works and that is why the methods are not only effective but also surprising, interactive and always with a positive approach.


During the training you will get started with this unique talent combination and supplement it with insights about your life.


After you discover your talents, we zoom in on your environment: which tasks do you do at work and how do you express your talents? Although talents help you further, they can also fall into a trap; what is your challenge in this?


as a last part you get started with your personal talent plan and learn to work from your strength. How will you use your talents to achieve your goals?

Meet your trainer


Your trainer

Over Mil
Na een carrière in sales en marketing ben ik in 1999 begonnen als trainer en coach. De laatste jaren werk ik met name vanuit de nieuwste inzichten uit de positieve psychologie en stimuleer ik individuen en organisaties om te gaan werken vanuit het talenten en sterke punten gedachtegoed. Hierbij maak ik gebruik van de steeds toenemende kennis over het menselijk brein en hanteer ik een op ontwikkeling gerichte (progressie gerichte) aanpak.

Wat vind jij het leukste aan je werk?
In contact komen met anderen, bijdragen aan plezier in hun leven en aan hun groei en ontwikkeling.

Wat is jouw grootste talent als trainer?
Verbinding maken met deelnemers en een veilige en vertrouwde leeromgeving creëren, dit met de nodige humor. “Plezier werkt” is mij op het lijf geschreven.

Wat zou de titel kunnen zijn van jouw autobiografie?
Geworden wie ik altijd al was.

Kun je ons nog iets verrassends vertellen over jezelf?
Inmiddels meer dan veertig jaar samen met mijn vrouw. Ook ben ik een liefhebber van de combinatie koffie, amaretto en een dropveter.

More information about this training?

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    Your learning track

    We believe in learning by doing. Experiment, try and learn from it. That is why we provide this training in combination with on the job challenges. Challenges are short assignments that challenge you to practice and maintain newly learned behavior. This learning track consists of a live training on location, challenges and training in a virtual classroom.


    This is how others review this training

    A very inspiring day! Received many new insights and thought about possibilities, made concrete agreements. Already looking forward to the next meeting next month ..


    The design of the short training is ideal. You can prepare it, draw up a concrete plan for how to work with it and afterwards also get homework (challenges) so that what you have learned remains `on top of mind`.


    Nice reminder for where your qualities lie. The session even offered new insights in some places. Coach also created accessible exercises and a safe environment. The coach was also pleasant to deal with.


    Additional information


    Training 23 september en 29 oktober 2021 in Utrecht, Training 23 november en 22 december 2021 in Amsterdam