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In this ever-changing world, it’s vital for individuals to keep learning and improving. One way to ensure continuous learning and enhancement is to provide feedforward. Feedforward emphasizes positive, future-oriented behavior. 

Feedforward comes with minimal guidelines. However, there are several tips to clearly convey your forward-looking expectations to the recipient: 

  • Always state the facts from your perspective
  • Be specific about the behavior you expect
  • Indicate the consequences or effects of showing or not showing this behavior 
  • Provide feedforward during a suitable,  moment (avoid open workspaces or the final moments of a meeting). 
  • Observe non-verbal signals to determine if the recipient has grasped and embraced the feedback. 
  • Instead of offering advice, emphasize the positives and areas for improvement. 
  • Make sure that you give others the opportunity to respond. 

Enjoy giving feedforward; in the end, you’ll both benefit from it! 

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