Connect with your team remotely

Working online (together) and remote control can be very efficient, but it can also make things feel alone and disconnected. We miss the informal moments and spontaneous meetings at the office. Discover in this training how you can give informal contact a place in online collaboration. Immerse yourself in the tools available to connect with colleagues. Add humor and surprise elements to your online meetings.

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Reconnect training

Connect with each other remotely

Connecting online is different in many ways than we are used to. Normally we visit each other, we chat in the workplace or we high five in the hallway. Something is no longer self-evident in this time. But how do you connect now? In the online training Reconnect you will be coached together with your team members to strengthen the connection remotely. The starting point is the theory of Patrick Lencioni about the five layers in team collaboration. At the layer of safety and trust, you will work with questions you can ask to personally connect with each other (“This is my place in the family that I come from… etc.)”. The exchange that arises in this round gives depth to your relationships. Colleagues who have sometimes been working together for years hear surprising and moving things from each other.

What can you do after this training?

  • You know how to give informal contact a place in online collaboration
  • You know how to connect with your colleagues online
  • You use smart tools to keep energy and fun high in your meeting

What can you expect from this training?


You get tools and come up with ideas on how to strengthen the mutual connection in online collaboration. Using the theory of Patrick Lencioni, you and colleagues will investigate the five layers of team collaboration in the new reality of online collaboration.


You play Household Bingo with colleagues; who is the first to collect all the crazy aspects of the new home working? You test online brainstorming tools Jamboard, Miro & Mindmeister in subgroups, after which each group provides feedback on their experience with the tool.


You end the training in the virtual pub. In 4 pubs with their own theme and bartender (colleague) you can, for example, enjoy a game of Pictionary, a good conversation, or just a drink. Nice walk in and out to meet your colleagues at the bar and chat.

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    Your learning track

    The classroom training is combined with challenges. We call this a learning track. Challenges are short exercises that you receive after the training that help you to practice new behavior in practice.
    6 weeks, 1 challenge every week.