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Obama does it every day; he ends his day with a review. He makes time to reflect on the events of his working day and to write down which were his lessons learned. Not only Obama, but many successful people take time to reflect on their day. Sounds good, but what exactly does it bring you? Does reflection make you more successful? Should we all be making time to reflect on our job? According to research by Harvard Business School, yes: reflection appears to be necessary for an effective learning process.

We learn in many different ways. For example, we learn by listening to an expert or reading a book, then putting these new skills into practice. However, from HBS’s research, we find out that we are only realizing future success when we reflect on our learning experiences. By looking back on your experiences and charting your lessons, you increase your self-efficacy. This means that you increase the extent to which you believe you can achieve your goals. The higher your self-efficacy, the better your performance. In addition, thinking about your lessons learned means that you can perform better in a similar future situation. Besides that, regular reflection increases your problem solving ability.

Conclusion; By taking time to regularly reflect on your workday, you will boost your performance and build on your success for the future.