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Working from home can be quite challenging. Perhaps you have the feeling that you are “on” all the time, there is a partner, housemate or child distracting you, or you are not getting a grip on your work. At the same time, working from home also offers opportunities. This makes it easier for us to break through ingrained work routines, because we have let go of these routines for a while. A good moment to take a fresh look at your work.

For 6 weeks, one challenge every week

Rethink & Recharge challenges

The Rethink & Recharge challenges are short assignments that help you recharge, work with more focus and look at your work with a fresh and creative outlook. We believe in learning by doing. Experiment, try and learn from it. So you will do exactly those things that will make you experience more peace and satisfaction.

How does it work?

Leave your email address and receive one challenge in your mailbox every week for 6 weeks. You will receive the first challenge the following Monday after leaving your email address.

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Once you have completed the challenge, check it with the button in the challenge mail and enter what you have experienced. Are you one of the first to complete the challenge? Then you will be listed as a Challenge Champion the following week.



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