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We live in a time of constant change, new partnerships and network organizations. Connecting and sharing knowledge has never been so important. Nice to say but how do you actually do this, share knowledge? We are happy to share our knowledge about this, in 5 steps:

  1. Determine what knowledge is needed. Is this knowledge already available and what can you or a direct colleague do to share this knowledge?
  2. Determine what knowledge you can share yourself. It does not have to be theory or profound knowledge here. The thoughts you have on a certain topic can also inspire others.
  3. Organize a moment to share knowledge. Consider for whom the knowledge is interesting and invite these relations for a meeting about the subject in question. Ask them to also think about their own input on the subject. Such a meeting does not have to cost extra time, you can also share knowledge during a ‘learning lunch’ of half an hour.
  4. Prepare a short presentation and especially discuss with each other. By talking to each other, more content is given to the knowledge and you apply it directly.
  5. ‘Pass the baton’. At the end of the meeting, ask which colleague to organize the following, choose the subject together and prick a date. This makes knowledge sharing a permanent part of your work process

Good luck and share!