Subsidy for learning and development in SMEs – money available for your organization

Whether you are at the start of your career or already further on your path, you will never stop learning. For example, how do you deal with workload? How do you convince others? Do you have the skills to initiate positive change? And do you have the mind-set to deal with adversity? We believe that every professional should have the opportunity to develop, unfortunately we see that this is still especially the case with large corporate organizations. There is often less budget available for employees within SMEs.

You never stop learning!

Good news

The government has € 48 million grant earmarked for SMEs to invest in learning and development. The cabinet calls this the SLIM scheme. SLIM stands for Incentive Scheme for Learning and Development in SMEs. Are you a manager or L&D professional and working in SMEs? Any SME can apply for a subsidy from the beginning of September 2020. And for every professional working in the SME who would like to follow a training; bring this subsidy to the attention of your organization. We will help you on your way, you will find more information here.

Who is the subsidy for?

The SLIM scheme is intended for all SMEs. In addition, employers from large companies in the agriculture, catering and recreation sectors are also eligible. The SLIM grant consists of two different grant options: an option for individual applicants and an option for partnerships. For individual subsidy applicants, the maximum subsidy amount is € 24,999. Small businesses can receive 80% subsidy, the other SMEs 60%. To be eligible for the maximum grant amount, the total costs of a project must be € 31,250 (small businesses) or € 41,667 (other).

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