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  • Take control of your mailbox and to-do list
  • Learn how to use your calendar for less stress and more direction in your work
  • Discover how a weekly appointment with yourself doubles your productivity

Life Design

  • Look back and map your talents, values, skills in impact
  • Determine your life purpose (your purpose) • Prototype your ideal life
  • Make big decisions faster

Coaching Skills

  • Learn practical coaching skills
  • Inspire and motivate as a manager
  • Contribute to the growth and job satisfaction of others
  • Learn to use these skills in online coaching conversations

Presenting with storytelling

  • The 5 building blocks of a good story
  • Share your personal vision • Present authentic, convincing and stimulating
  • Learn to use these skills in online presentations, pitches and conversations

Persuasive Power

  • Increase persuasiveness in conversations
  • Use conversation techniques flexibly
  • Transform resistance into understanding and positivity
  • Learn to apply these skills in online conversations

Innovative thinking

  • Break through fixed thinking patterns
  • Learn to think disruptively • Increase your creativity
  • Discover the tools for online brainstorms

Body language

  • Strengthen your non-verbal communication
  • Present yourself more powerfully
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Learn to apply these skills in online conversations or presentations

Talent at work

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder Test
  • Working from your talent
  • Increase your effectiveness


  •  Prevent stress and burnout
  • Control over your workload
  • Learn to work effectively and mindful (online)
  • Maintain energy and focus in working online

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