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Into the learning pit

Life is full of challenges. If you want to take it on and learn from it (and we’re just geared up for that), you can’t avoid entering the learning pit. The learning pit model was developed by James Nottingham and shows how a learning process works. At the top of the learning pit you may still have doubts, but at some point you decide to step in or life pushes you. You walk confidently into the learning pit, but soon find out that it is not as easy as hoped. You sink deeper and slowly land on the bottom. You get confused and you are in doubt. Can I do this? Is this going to be okay?

What now?

Climbing out of the learning pit is the ultimate goal. The greater the learning experience, the more difficult this climbing will be. If this doesn’t work right away, it can make you despondent. But realize that inventiveness and resilience can take you far. You may at some point come to the realization that you cannot do it alone and you seek support or advice from others.

Out of the learning pit

It is nice to talk to someone who lovingly holds up a mirror to you and who can safely discuss what you think or feel. That person is outside your daily life and therefore has less of an opinion about who you are and what you should do. This can help to better understand your feelings and thoughts. From there you discover new sides of yourself and opportunities to get out of the learning pit.

After the learning pit

Only after the learning pit you are able to look back and see what you have conquered. You have really learned something about yourself and life, which means that you can continue on your own with new insights and energy.

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