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Three reasons to get started with metaphors:

1. Because you’re already using them all the time
Everyone understands and knows them. It’s ingrained in our culture. They pass us by every day in many different forms:

legends, fables, sagas, myths, fairy tales, parables
jokes, riddles, cartoons, sayings or proverbs
visualizations or imagery

You are probably already using them automatically, each day. And so do others. The step towards using them consciously and explicitly is not even as big as you might think.

2. Metaphors provide insight into the images and structures that determine your behavior
Your behavior, and of everyone else you work with, is guided by underlying images and structures. As well as how you see reality (now or in the future). Whatever your wish or ideal picture is. What makes sense to you. Metaphors provide insight into these underlying images and structures. In order to then work with it.

Metaphors also make clear what the differences and similarities are in how you look at reality. Which is therefore everyone’s model of reality.

Take, for example, a word like “collaboration.” For some, this is like meeting for hours in a project, where the result doesn’t even matter. While for someone else this is like the ‘Pit stop’ at Formula 1, where everyone knows exactly what to do, so that the car can move on as quickly as possible. Good to know, right?
If these two people are to work together, they will have to find a common image that works for both of them. So they can only do that themselves.

3. Images stick
Instead of vague abstract terms that never stick, with metaphors you give people images that they can remember and can connect with. In organizations, metaphors ensure that employees connect with each other, with the organization they work for and especially with the goals that have been set. Because they come alive with the metaphors you choose carefully.

Convinced that a metaphor can actually help and connect? Now let’s go pick a metaphor for your goal.

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