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At work we are often focused on what we can do better, to improve ourselves. However, to really excel at what you do, it’s important to focus on the things you are naturally good at. According to research findings from Gallup People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job, are more enthusiastic and productive. Working from your strengths gives you more energy, makes your job easier and helps you reach your full potential. These 3 steps will help you do what you are really good at:

1 Discover what you are naturally good at
The first step towards shifting this focus is to identify your own strengths. Personality assessment tools like DISC (Marston) or Strengthsfinder (Buckingham and Clifton) are an easy first step to discover what your natural qualities are. Disc for example shows you what type of situations and activities suit you best. It can give you insight in whether you like a steady workplace, or love adapting to changing environments, make quick decisions or like to analyse things. The Strengthsfdiner gives you insight in your top 5 talents and is based on 50 years of research. This type of self-knowledge helps you to discover and recognize your strengths at work.

2 Find out in which ways you already use your strengths at work
Reflect on your workweek and write down which activities and tasks gave you the most energy; those are often the things you are best at. Looking at the things you love doing outside of work, thining of what your favourite activity as a kid was or asking a friend or colleague what they think you’re good at, can also give you more insight in how you use your strengths. Your strengths are linked to your drives, thoughts en behavioural patterns and are therefor often visible in all areas of your life.

3 Develop your strengths
Developing your strengths means taking small steps every day. Positive Psychologist Michelle McQuaid explains in her book how you can form an 11-minute daily habit to develop your strengths. It can also help to make a few changes in your job, so that it’s easier for you to use your strengths. Job crafting is a great way to start building your dreamjob in which you can shine.

What will be your first move today to start working from your strengths?

Good luck!