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The world around us is changing at a rapid pace in the field of technology, politics, and the labor market. To remain successful as an organization flexibility and agility are a must. In other words: it’s essential to have a growth-mindset within your organization. Because the organization of the future is a learning organization: a workplace where lifelong learning, continuous development and growth are primary objectives.

A learning culture is central to a learning organization. Within a learning culture people dare to take risks and make mistakes, give each other feedforward and where the focus lies on growing together instead of performing individually. You can’t create such a culture from one day to the next, but you can contribute to it by taking these first steps: 

  1. Connect with your colleagues. By getting to know each other, also on a personal level, you will enhance the mutual bond and trust. That way you stimulate and contribute to a safe environment, which is essential for transparency, growth and close cooperation.
  2. Give the right example: fail forward. Do not keep your mistakes to yourself, but share them with the others to share your learning opportunity. This can be a bit daunting at first, but eventually you will lower the barrier for sharing mistakes. Also celebrate successes on the other hand. By consciously celebrating successes you stimulate a positive growth-vibe.
  3. Share knowledge and insights on a daily basis. This does not necessarily have to be work-related; it can be a book recommendation, but your favorite recipe or a dancing move is also possible. Make it a habit to share interesting and fun things with others. For example, organize learning-lunches, give a small workshop prior to the Friday happy hour or become a mentor of a new colleague. It will also help to write down what you have learned on a daily basis. 

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